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Since it’s Halloween, may I introduce Franken-Lexi? ;)

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the hair.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the "hair".

What with the onslaught of winter (yes, I said “WINTER”; we had SNOW yesterday) and the sudden upsurge in spending on the gas (in the summer I can get by on £5 a MONTH; winter?  it’s around £150 a month), it turned out that I couldn’t afford to buy the kids the costumes they wanted for Halloween.  As you can imagine, they got quite upset, until I brought up the option of making a costume out of things they already had.

(Honestly, if I’d thought about it ahead of time, I could have easily crocheted them entire costumes.  It would have taken a good chunk of my time, but it wouldn’t have been hard.  Unfortunately, I simply didn’t think of it until the last minute.)

Lexi said that she wanted to be Frankenstein.  She didn’t really have the clothes for it, but what with it being so cold, anything she wore was going to be covered up by a coat anyway – and she happens to have a GREEEN coat!

So I offered to crochet her a choker and hat so that she looked like she had the bolts on the side of her neck and short, dark hair like Frankenstein is usually pictured with.

As you can see, she was quite happy with what she ended up with.  🙂

She’s already said that she wants to save them and use them next year.  If she’s seriously wanting to use it again, I think I might make her an entire “Frankenstein” costume – but a size or 2 bigger, so that she can layer clothes underneath it.

But hey – not TOO bad for a last-minute idea!


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Maybe THIS year I’ll get them finished!

Image found via Flickr

Image found via Flickr

Yep, I’m talking Christmas here.  Already.

The thing is, most years I have all these plans in my head, but never actually get around to starting them, and therefore nobody gets the gifts I imagined for them.  Or, if I do get around to starting it (which has happened a couple of times), I put it down and never finish it.  Three times I can remember starting and finishing a Christmas gift for someone in the same year.  Yup, only three.

However, this year?  I’m starting NOW.  I’ve just started one gift for my aunt, something that I don’t think will take very long to do.  I won’t be posting pics until after Christmas, though, because there’s a chance she’ll see this blog and I don’t want to be spoiling the surprise!

I also have plans for making the above-mentioned aunt’s husband something, as well as my sister and her children (no, sis, no amount of begging is going to get me to tell you, so 😛 ).  I’ve decided I’m going to start with small projects, and then, IF I’ve got enough time, I might do some bigger projects.  But maybe if I actually get STARTED in September, I’ll be FINISHED by Christmas.

One can hope, anyway.

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Crazy But Fun

Image found on Flickr

I just noticed a request from a Raveler for squares to make a scarf for her town’s namesake’s statue.

(Copying and pasting because I don’t think you could see it unless you’re a member of Ravelry.)

I want to do a project that will be great fun and publicity for knitting and knitters everywhere.

Here in Pocahontas, Iowa, we have about 2000 people, one stoplight, and a rather homely, but well-known statue of the Native American princess for which our little berg was named. You can see her and about the town at the Pocahontas website.

Well, we’re going to “Scarf the Princess” this winter. I and some of the ladies who frequent my shop are starting a winter scarf for the somewhat kitschy Princess, and would love to have your help.

All you have to do is knit a swatch and send it in. We’ll stitch all of them together and make a scarf of Princessly proportion. Then, we’ll put it on her around the holidays and keep the poor concrete girl warm this winter!

You can do any color, any yarn. Just make sure your swatch is either 6”x6” or 6”x12”.

Tell your friends too! I’d love to have a national news spot about the crazy knitters who put a scarf on a statue!

Send it (sooner the better, but by 11/15/08), to:

Ewe-Phoria Yarns, LLC
101 NW 7th Street
Pocahontas, IA 50574

Any questions, e-mail:


She only mentions knitting in the original post, but farther down the thread she says they will accept crocheted squares, and also that they’re welcoming squares from anywhere in the world.

It sounds a little crazy to me… but fun!  😀  I think I’ll do a square or two and send it in.  All it’ll cost me is a couple hours of my time and less than £2 in postage.  Why the hell not?

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