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SO, Sis… you want a preview?*

Your hat.  Eet ees done.

JUST finished it.  Like 5 minutes ago.  I needed something small to work on during the coffee morning at Your Namesake’s school, so I grabbed a ball of blue yarn and my hook and got half of it done while sitting there, drinking tea, and basically just shooting the breeze for 2 and a half hours.  😉

So… do you want a preview or do you want to be surprised?  :-p

*I’m posting this here, because I know you always see my posts ASAP.  Just as easy as emailing you, but a little quicker, since I already have the blog open every day.  😀


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It’s incredibly frustrating….

… when you’re working on an ever-increasing pattern, and you’re down to the last stretch of one row… only to find a mistake you made at the BEGINNING of the previous row.

Seriously.  I’m at row 2 of the lace edging of the All Shawl, which at this point is friggin’ HUGE (and I’m making it fairly short, at least for a shawl) and I had to rip out almost ALL of the lace that I’d done so far.

Ugh!  😦

To give it some context, here’s the most recent uploaded photo:

All Shawl I

All Shawl I

I’ve done a lot more than it shows in this photo (and have taken more recent ones, just didn’t upload them yet).  There’s 15 rows of burgundy, 3 rows of the Beach Belle, 15 more rows of burgundy, 3 more rows of the Beach Belle, and 8 rows of burgundy to get to the lace edging.  It’s nearly finished, and might have been finished tonight if I hadn’t had to send it to the Frog Pond.

Oooon a happier note…

Birthday shout-outs go to my mother and my nephew Luke, who both had birthdays today (okay, technically yesterday but I’m still up, so to me it’s today).  It’s kind of freaky the way my husband’s side of the family have the EXACT SAME BIRTHDAYS as some of the people on MY side of the family.  One set of birthday-sharers even have the same FIRST NAME!

Freaky, I tell you.  F-R-E-A-K-Y.

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We interrupt this blog for a special announcement….

Yesterday was my sister J’s 28th birthday!!!

J, I put this here ‘cuz I knew you’d see it.  I apologize for not sending you a message yesterday – the other Birthday Jackie had me all tied up pretty much all day (and night), so I hardly got 5 minutes to myself (you know, between that and normal everyday family/kids/house stuff).  But I didn’t forget about you!  I hope J and the kids spoiled you rotten.  Loves ya!!! 😀

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