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Sometimes creativity gets out of hand.

I really need to start prioritizing things.  But I just get so excited when a new idea comes to me that I can’t NOT start it.  I literally get itchy fingers, and it just builds until I give in and start it.

Right now, I’ve got 8 WiPs going.

  1. Mrs. Who Shrug in brown (okay, it’s more like a cardigan, but it’s CALLED a shrug)
  2. Mrs. Who Shrug in purple (knitting the sleeve portion for that one)
  3. A top-down raglan cardigan in grey (no pattern for this one; I’m just making it up as I go along)
  4. Red fingerless gloves (for me)
  5. Brown fingerless gloves (for Lexi)
  6. A surprise something that I would rather not say; it’s for someone’s Christmas present.  That someone just might see this (I have given that person the URL here, I just don’t know if they’ve actually looked or not – they’ve never left a comment, so I have no idea).
  7. I’m periodically doing squares for an afghan to put on our bed.  I don’t have a time limit in mind for this, I’m basically using it as a “need a change of pace” project.
  8. And I just started a new sweater for me today, inspired by one I saw while out shopping on Friday.  (I almost bought it, until I realized that it would be pretty easy to crochet one myself, not to mention that it would be a lot warmer than the one I saw in the store.)

And that’s not even mentioning the UFOs I have sitting in the yarn cupboard that I haven’t looked at since I organized the darned thing last year.

And on top of all that, I just found out that my “cousin” (not really my cousin; her dad was my uncle’s best friend, and I’ve always called him “uncle,” so she became “cousin” by default) was in a really bad accident a while ago – she’s now a quadriplegic.  I want to make something to send to her but I don’t know what yet.

Sometimes creativity is a good thing.  Sometimes… not so much.


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