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September 12, 2008: International Crochet Day

The title’s pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it?  🙂  September 12 is International Crochet Day, a day when crocheters everywhere are urged to do something crochet-related in public.  You know, so we can hook (ha!  I kill me!) others into it.

Some suggestions that have come up are:

  • Crochet in public
  • Teach someone to crochet
  • promote International Crochet Day in your blog
  • Wear something crocheted – and make sure everybody knows it!

Also, a couple of people have decided to do giveaways in honor of ICD. 

Jimbo (not a crocheter, just an enabler) is giving away a hand-made wooden hook.  (I won one of his hooks in a contest a couple of years ago, and I can attest to his hook-making skills.  The man is a genius, and his hooks are a crocheter’s dream.)

The Cosmic Crocheter is also giving a hook away.

And Stitchlily is doing a crocheted-item giveaway.  According to her blog, she hasn’t decided WHAT yet, so I’ll update this post when I find out what it is.

Personally, I love that there is an International Crochet Day.  Too many times I’ve been seen crocheting, and I’ll be asked “what are you knitting?”  Not to knock knitting or knitters (because they can do some awesome work!), but I hate the fact that every time somebody sees me with yarn, it’s assumed that I’m knitting.  I can’t tell you how sick of that I am.

Crocheters of the world unite!  And if somebody asks you what you’re knitting on ICD, just poke ’em in the eye with your hook!


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