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The All Shawl, Eeet Eees FINISHED!

All Shawl, Front

All Shawl, Front

Modelled by me, because it’s for my best friend’s Christmas present, so she won’t be getting it until next month.

All Shawl, Back

All Shawl, Back

The last few rows were hell, but it’s my own fault.  I loved the color and shine of the Beach Belle too much to think about what all those bobbles were going to do to my stitching.  I mean, it was doable… but GAH!  😦

However, I think the finished product was well worth it.  Yeah, even if I DO say so myself!  😉

I’m considering sewing some beads on the picot points of the edge, though.  The Beach Belle has a tendency to curl up on itself, which is making the lace kind of hard to really see.  If I put beads on there, it may pull the edge down just enough to make the lace portion more visible.  I haven’t decided yet.  Mainly, it depends on if I can find beads that I think will “go” with the shawl.

I already know she’s going to like it, though.  She came over a few days after I’d first started it, saw it, and remarked on how pretty it was.  I told her WHAT it was (a shawl) but I didn’t tell her that it was for HER.  Hehehe…  I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it on Christmas Day!  😆


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Why I’ve not been posting.

A close-up of mystery item #1

A close-up of mystery item #1

I’ve been busy DOING, instead of TALKING about doing!  😉

The above is another item crossed off my Christmas To-Do list.  It’s pretty much done – it just needs minor last-minute fiddling with (the kind of last-minute fiddling that always needs to be done – weaving in ends and whatnot).

Then I did this – just a teaser pic, like I’ve been doing with most of these things.

I REALLY want a new camera.  I don’t know if I’m just getting spoiled seeing photos from better cameras or if it’s really getting crappy or WHAT… but I can NEVER get the kind of pic I want the first time around.  And sometimes I can’t get it at ALL.

Then there was this little beauty.  It was a little tedious working on it – it’s all single crochet.  But the finished product is SO worth it!  The texture on this thing is amazing.

As soon as I finished it, inspiration hit.  I decided I was going to make something for my MIL this year (first time ever!), but I couldn’t decide what.   While gazing at my stash for a minute, this lovely rose-colored marled yarn I’d just bought a couple of days before started screaming at me: “Hat & Scarf set!!  For Jackie!!”  (no, sis, not you, if you remember, my MIL’s name is Jackie too.  AND she’s got the same birthday as you!)  So I’m designing my own.  I’ll be writing up the pattern and offering it here (for free) as soon as I’m finished.  Definitely within the next week, I’d say.  I’ve already got the hat done, I’m just working up the scarf now.

So… that’s why I’ve been so quiet.  My fingers have been busy!

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Green & Cream V-Neck Pullover

This is a project that’s been sitting around this house for months.

I started it back in January (I think???), with the intention of writing down everything as I went along, and publishing the pattern once I was finished.

Well, I got it about half done before it found its way to the UFO list.  A combination of boredom, depression, and the realization that by the time I got it finished, it would be too warm to wear it anyway forced me to put it away.  So far away that I all but forgot about the damned thing!

While cleaning and organizing in preparation for starting Christmas presents, I found it again.  I contemplated frogging it to use the yarn for something else – so much so that I asked for opinions on Ravelry and my personal blog (where I don’t have many crafty friends, but I do have friends giving honest opinions on what looks good on me and what doesn’t!), and the consensus was that it looked good so far, so why not finish it?

I don’t know why I thought it would take so long to finish.  It only took two days to do the bottom half of the bodice.  Although I will admit that the stitch pattern I used for the bottom (closed shell stitch) may have something to do with that – it seemed to go REALLY quickly.

It did take me another day to finish weaving in all the ends and sewing it together, but from what I can see, NOBODY likes that part!  😉

Unfortunately the kids have walked off with the notebook that had all my notes as to what I was doing with this, so there’s no pattern.  😦

But that just means that I have a TRULY one-of-a-kind-original sweater.  😀

I wore it out yesterday (hence the pics), and it got loads of compliments.  Even Hubby – who remarked that the Almost-A-Beatrice Shrug looked like I was “wearing a blanket” – said that it looked store-bought.  I’d say that’s QUITE a compliment!

Oh, and I’ll be replacing the tie as soon as I get the supplies.  What I really want is a nice ivory/cream ribbon, and I’m thinking possibly beads as well.  It all depends on what strikes my fancy when I get to the market and see what they’ve got at the sewing and craft stalls.

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So where’s my medal?

The Sort of Beatrice Shrug

The "Sort of" Beatrice Shrug

The “Sort of” Beatrice Shrug is now finished!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hop hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Seriously, folks, I’m not just cheering for my own ego simply because I got it finished before the deadline (also, one thing I’ve never mentioned: I didn’t actually start this until August 10. So I got this done in a week).  Yeah, I’m happy about that, but it’s not the only reason I’m happy.  It’s also the first wearable that I’ve ever made for myself that actually looks good on me.  And it was so easy that I’m giving serious thought to making a bunch for Christmas presents for some of the women in my family.

Side View

Side View

Honestly, I didn’t change it all that much.  As I mentioned before, I had a hard time following the stitch pattern, but it was just a more intricate ripple pattern.  And as I was using an F hook, my gauge didn’t exactly match the pattern, but things seemed to even themselves out.

As it turned out, the starting chain as written was the exact number of stitches I needed to do just a simple double crochet ripple.  Then I followed the schematic guidelines of the pattern (see them here).  Oddly enough, the measurements I wanted to duplicate?  Lying flat, this thing is exactly what I wanted it to be.  On the other hand, though, it also matches the schematic measurements almost exactly (I think I might have been off by 1/2 an inch).  And yet, as you can see from the picture, it fits me perfectly.  So either I was wrong in thinking a 34″ bust measurement would be too small for my own 38F/FF bust, or something is off here.  Whatever it is, I don’t really care.  It looks good, it fits, and I will definitely be able to wear it the next time I go out.

Back View

Back View

I do believe it’ll fall better once it’s washed and tumble-dried.  For acrylics – which this is – I always wash and tumble-dry it at least once.  It softens up the yarn and makes it drape on the body beautifully.  Also, the Spritz is a bit scratchy – though I expected that – and I’m hoping washing & tumble-drying it will help with that.

The only modification I might have to do in order to make this as a gift is to do a few less half-rows for the back.  The women in my family whom I think might like something like this are all smaller than me, and that seems to be the only real difference in the pattern’s sizes (of which there are only 2).  Come to think of it… my 13 year old would like something like this, I think.

Oh, the ideas that are going through my head right now!  I could extend this from the bottom of the tie to make it a full-length cardigan!  It would be easy to modify the sleeves to make them longer!

My crochet creativity has been well and fully kicked into high gear.  I love it.  🙂


HERE are my medals!!! 🙂

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Finally, an FO! Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

This is probably the first FO I’ve had in about 2 years now.  I’ve worked on stuff, but never finished anything.  The fact that it was a small project probably had a lot to do with that, though.  😉

I decided to make this for 2 reasons: one, my “clubbing bag” – a lovely bejeweled evening bag that I always use when I go out clubbing – was missing.  One of the kids walked off with it and I couldn’t find it.  All of my other bags were just too big for me to mess with when I’m out drinking and dancing.  And two, I had this yarn in my yarn cupboard, and had wanted to make something out of it for years.

I bought the yarn from Wilkinson’s, of all places.  They actually do have some nice novelty yarn, for only 99p a skein.  This particular type of yarn comes in 3 colors: this purple, a brown, and a green.  I’ve had some in my stash (in the purple and brown) for the longest time.  I’m currently working on a shrug-a-licious using the brown stuff, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet (and I’ve put it on hold to concentrate on my Ravelympics project).

Using a 3.0 mm hook (bought out here, at E. Kemps eons ago), it’s just worked in the round from the middle of the bottom of the purse to the top.

I bought some lovely lavender poly/cotton blend fabric and used that to line it.  I took the easy (lazy?) way out and just cut the fabric in a tube shape and gathered the bottom together, sewing the top to the inside top of the purse.

I also got some matching ribbon and threaded that through the stitches to make the drawstring.  I happened to find some lovely silver beads that just fit the ribbon, and added those.  I thought it made a nice touch.

the lining

the lining

the beads and ribbon

the beads and ribbon

You can see more in-progress pictures in my flickr crochet set.  This has actually been finished for a few weeks now, I’ve just only now gotten around to taking pictures of the finished product.  🙂

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