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Maybe THIS year I’ll get them finished!

Image found via Flickr

Image found via Flickr

Yep, I’m talking Christmas here.  Already.

The thing is, most years I have all these plans in my head, but never actually get around to starting them, and therefore nobody gets the gifts I imagined for them.  Or, if I do get around to starting it (which has happened a couple of times), I put it down and never finish it.  Three times I can remember starting and finishing a Christmas gift for someone in the same year.  Yup, only three.

However, this year?  I’m starting NOW.  I’ve just started one gift for my aunt, something that I don’t think will take very long to do.  I won’t be posting pics until after Christmas, though, because there’s a chance she’ll see this blog and I don’t want to be spoiling the surprise!

I also have plans for making the above-mentioned aunt’s husband something, as well as my sister and her children (no, sis, no amount of begging is going to get me to tell you, so 😛 ).  I’ve decided I’m going to start with small projects, and then, IF I’ve got enough time, I might do some bigger projects.  But maybe if I actually get STARTED in September, I’ll be FINISHED by Christmas.

One can hope, anyway.


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