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One-Skein Projects: Caitlin’s V-stitch Scarf

A while back (last year?  year before?  something like that), I made Caitlin (my now-11-year-old) a hat and skinny scarf set in v-stitches.  She had specifically requested it because she liked the way the v-stitch looked.

I think she’d forgotten all about it, because she “discovered” it again while going through the hat/scarf/glove box that I have in the laundry room at the moment.  She really wanted to wear it, but the scarf is so thin that it doesn’t do much to keep her warm (and that was kind of the whole point!).  I remembered making the set, and remembered that it only took me a day or two to make the whole thing, so I offered to make her a new scarf using the same stitch, but wider so that it covered more of her neck.  She picked out the yarn on Friday, I started it yesterday, and finished it today!

Caitlins V-Stitch Scarf

Caitlin's V-Stitch Scarf

Because I want this to actually keep her WARM, I alternated rows of v-stitch with rows of hdc.  Doubled up, the way she normally wears her scarves, it should keep her neck nice and toasty.

This pic shows the color better - its a really light but bright pink.

This pic shows the color better - it's a really light but bright pink.

It took one 100g skein of dk yarn to make this – she didn’t want any edging or fringe, so I basically just kept going until I ran out of yarn.

.... aaand a close-up!

.... aaand a close-up!

Pattern to follow (I’m too damned tired to do it now!).  🙂


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Grandma would be proud.

The finished product.

The finished product.

She’s always lamented the fact that she never had the time to teach me how to sew properly (and honestly, lately, that’s one skill I would love to have).  The only thing she ever taught me to do was to hem something.

But I haven’t done anything like that for years, and when it came time to buy Caitlin (the 11-year old) her new school uniform, I knew I was going to have to delve deep into my memory and recall Grandma’s instructions.

Because Caitlin is at an odd size at the moment.  She can fit into kids’ sizes, but ALSO an adults (UK) size 8.  But of course the adult sizes are way too LONG for her, even though they fit her around perfectly.  I had to chop off about 4 inches on the legs of her new uniform pants to get them to fit her properly.

A close-up.

A close-up.

And while I do own a sewing machine, I don’t actually know how to use it.  Hubby bought it for me a year and a half ago, and I’ve just never been able to figure the thing out.  So I had to sew by hand.

Because these are pants that are going to see a LOT of wear (they’re the only pants she has for her uniform at the moment; secondary school uniforms are hella expensive, so we’re starting out with the bare minimum – we’ll get her more pieces as she needs them), I wanted to make the hem seam as strong as possible.  I have hemming tape that I could have used alone, but instead I decided to put that over the seam.  Honestly, it looks a little sloppy on the inside, but it looks pretty good on the outside, even if I do say so myself.  And honestly, it’s the outside that people are going to be looking at.  The only way someone is going to see the hem job is if Caitlin takes them OFF.

The inside of the hem; the white is the hemming tape.

The inside of the hem; the white is the hemming tape.

It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I think that is partly because I’m so out of practice.  The last time I hemmed anything I was in high school.  (Grandma was making me a skirt and decided I could do some of the work, too.)  Caitlin tried them on last night and said they fit her perfectly now.  I was slightly concerned that I was going to mess up and end up with one leg shorter than the other, but they came out quite nicely, I think.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a big deal, but considering how sorely lacking I am in sewing skills, I’m still proud of it.  🙂

(The pictures came out a little fuzzier than I would have liked, but that’s the best I can do with MY camera.  Hubby has a MUCH better camera [professional quality; though bottom-of-the-line], but he guards that thing with his life.)

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