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Since it’s Halloween, may I introduce Franken-Lexi? ;)

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the hair.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the "hair".

What with the onslaught of winter (yes, I said “WINTER”; we had SNOW yesterday) and the sudden upsurge in spending on the gas (in the summer I can get by on £5 a MONTH; winter?  it’s around £150 a month), it turned out that I couldn’t afford to buy the kids the costumes they wanted for Halloween.  As you can imagine, they got quite upset, until I brought up the option of making a costume out of things they already had.

(Honestly, if I’d thought about it ahead of time, I could have easily crocheted them entire costumes.  It would have taken a good chunk of my time, but it wouldn’t have been hard.  Unfortunately, I simply didn’t think of it until the last minute.)

Lexi said that she wanted to be Frankenstein.  She didn’t really have the clothes for it, but what with it being so cold, anything she wore was going to be covered up by a coat anyway – and she happens to have a GREEEN coat!

So I offered to crochet her a choker and hat so that she looked like she had the bolts on the side of her neck and short, dark hair like Frankenstein is usually pictured with.

As you can see, she was quite happy with what she ended up with.  🙂

She’s already said that she wants to save them and use them next year.  If she’s seriously wanting to use it again, I think I might make her an entire “Frankenstein” costume – but a size or 2 bigger, so that she can layer clothes underneath it.

But hey – not TOO bad for a last-minute idea!


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Sunshine in Winter

Chloe mentioned in passing one day that she’d like me to make her a yellow sweater.  So I looked through my stash and yep, I had some yellow.  But not nearly enough to make an entire sweater out of it.  So I looked for another color to go with it, and this insanely bright pink caught my eye.  Together they reminded me of the colors in a sunrise/sunset, and the title “Sunshine in Winter” came to me.  After all, she’ll want to wear it through the winter, and what better way to inject some “Sunshine” into her grey and dreary “Winter”?  (Being in the NE UK, believe you me, winters are VERY grey and dreary.  Not to mention wet and windy.)

Sunshine in Winter on the sunny-smiling Chloe

Sunshine in Winter on the sunny-smiling Chloe

I used the Fluffy Pink Shrug Schematics, also known as the Mrs Who Shrug, found here on Crochetville.  Made with DK yarn and a “G” (4.0 mm) hook.  I just snagged one of Chloe’s other sweaters, which I knew fit her well, and used that to measure the new sweater against.

back view

back view

It was actually a bit of a surprise, because although she’d seen me working on it, she never asked what it was for, and I didn’t volunteer any information.  So this morning, I called her up to my bedroom, had her close her eyes and put it on her.  She was quite happy with it.  🙂

And now Lexi’s already put in an “order” for a similar one, in blue.

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Robert’s CARdigan

The front - still needs buttons, though.

The front - still needs buttons, though.

The back.

The back.

Get it?  CAR-digan???  (I crack myself up sometimes, I tell ya.)  😉

This is for my “niece’s” (she’s designated me honorary auntie, so I guess that makes her my honorary niece, doesn’t it?) 3-year old son, Robert.

She actually asked me for this a while ago.  But it was still pretty warm then, so I didn’t think it was something that needed to be done right away.

But it’s started getting cold here already.  Hell, I’m sitting here in a long-sleeved tee with a sweater poncho (hard to explain, but it’s a sweater that’s made to LOOK like a poncho) and jeans, and I’m still chilly.

So I figured it was a good time to get it done.  Besides, I’ve got a huge list of things that I would like to get done as Christmas presents, so I figured I’d better get this done and out of the way.

It only took me 3 days to do – I started it on Tuesday and finished it today.  Actually, I probably could have gotten it finished yesterday, but yesterday was a bad day, so I didn’t get as much work done on it as I would have liked.

I didn’t use a pattern for this – it’s all off the top of my head.  I’m considering writing it up as a free pattern, but haven’t decided yet.  If you’d like to see a free pattern for this, leave me a comment.  I’ll be happy to do it if there’s any interest in it!

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