Super Quick Projects: CD coaster

CD Coaster

CD Coaster

I’ve made several of these over the past few years.  For some reason, Syrina is fascinated with them and almost ALWAYS ends up walking off with one of them (and most of the time ends up breaking the CD that’s inside of them).  They’re great for using up scraps of yarn and, if done in cotton or wool (non-synthetic fibers, that is), they can be used as trivets as well as coasters.

I first found the pattern on Priscilla’s Crochet, when it was still being hosted on AOL.  (If you didn’t know, AOL closed down all their websites and blog hostings last month, so a lot of people had to move it or lose it, not just Priscilla Hewitt.)  With Hubby being such a computer geek, we’ve ALWAYS got spare CDs floating around that I can snag to use for this kind of stuff.

Basically it’s just two circles, roughly the same size as a CD, crocheted together AROUND said CD.  The disk just gives it some strength and shape, really.

one side

one side

I used to do just sc (single crochet) around the edges, although the original pattern called for rsc (reverse single crochet).  I couldn’t figure out how to DO rsc.  But I’ve recently had an “a-HA!” moment and it finally clicked, so I did the rsc originally called for here.

the other side

the other side

They’re not the most glamorous of projects, but they’re infinitely useful.  They keep the surface (table, desk, whatever) from getting those sticky tea/coffee rings, and they soak up any dribbles or spills from the cup as well.

And they’re washable.  I have put them through the washing machine with no problems, although most of the time I just stick them in the dishwater when I’m washing up and stick them in the drying rack to dry.


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    Sissy said,

    I like! Especially that cup!

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