We interrupt this blog for a special announcement….

Yesterday was my sister J’s 28th birthday!!!

J, I put this here ‘cuz I knew you’d see it.  I apologize for not sending you a message yesterday – the other Birthday Jackie had me all tied up pretty much all day (and night), so I hardly got 5 minutes to myself (you know, between that and normal everyday family/kids/house stuff).  But I didn’t forget about you!  I hope J and the kids spoiled you rotten.  Loves ya!!! 😀

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    Sissy said,

    Awwwww! Unfortuneately, I was not spoiled rotten, seeing as we are so broke our elec is shut off and we are living in G’s place til he comes home from Iraq (which is going to be soon, we think) and his check is being jacked up by our delightful goverment. But he made sure that I got a million birthday wishes from the kids, G gave me some extra money for gas to drop off job applications up in Savannah and I used my Sears Card to buy myself some new clothes while we were up at the mall so that I can look like a civilian. G even said that he is sending me a gift but will be here late (not sure if anything is going to actually come, but heck, with all the extra money and help he has given me, I don’t care). But I got plenty of lovin from J and the kids, and if we had money, we would have had a nice celebration. Check out my blog and you will find a link to my Avon website so you can see some of the stuff I been doing lately!

  2. 2

    nuckingfutz said,

    Ah, but see… when *I* say “spoiled rotten,” I don’t neccessarily mean spending money on you. For example, my ideal of ME getting spoiled rotten would be for B to do all the cooking, the kids to clean up after themselves and not fight with each other, so that I could have ONE relaxing day in an entire YEAR. But like I said, that’s MY ideal. Yours might be different. The point being, “spoiled rotten” doesn’t always = loads of money.

    But… um… can I just say “WOW!!!”? I have to say, it’s quite a surprise that G is being so generous. To you specifically, I mean. I don’t think he’d let his kids go without, but that’s not the same as being so nice to YOU. KWIM?

  3. 3

    Sissy said,

    Yea… I think he is seriously regretting leaving me. In fact, he told his STBX #2 that he refused to give her a dime until he has a court order because SHE choose to leave him, so she should have made sure she could survive without him, whereas, he left me, so he felt he should give me whatever assistance he could, and I also didn’t try to bleed him dry like she was trying to. So he is giving me lots of help… although he won’t be able to do it when he gets home – no more deployment pay and hopefully his divorce will be final, which will mean a court order for child support, possibly backdated from BEFORE he deployed. But when he gets home, he will have the kids half the time and will be paying half their expenses (daycare, feeding them, transporting them, buying them clothes they need when they are with him), so that will balance everything out – as long as I can find a decent job FAST.

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