Charity shops FTW!

While out shopping yesterday, I stopped into a couple of charity shops.  I’ve been wanting to make some curtains to put up under my kitchen counters – not only will they make the kitchen look neater in general, but it’ll help keep that area clean (I found this out when I made curtains for cabinets that had no doors in the last house we lived in).  And rather than go out and buy brand new fabric to make curtains with, I figured I’d have a look in the charity shops for bedsheets that I could use instead.   So that was the whole point of going there in the first place.

Of course, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find something that satisfied my fiber lust!

Patons Beach Belle, in a peachy color.

Paton's Beach Belle, in a peachy color.


Patons Classic Cotton, in what I think of as Cotton Candy Pink.

Paton's Classic Cotton, in what I think of as Cotton Candy Pink.

They were in a bin, unlabeled (the bin, that is), but when I asked?  THREE for a POUND!  All that yarn up there only cost me three pounds!

I got more of the Beach Belle because I’m planning on using it as an accent color for the shawl I’m making for my best friend’s Christmas present.  (Using the All Shawl pattern by Doris Chan.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love that woman?  ‘Cuz I do.  She creates some of the most beautiful crochet patterns I’ve ever seen, and most of them are a lot easier than they look.)  But I was really tempted to just buy the whole bin.  As it is, I think I only left about 4 balls of yarn.  3 of the Beach Belle that had lost their labels and started to unravel, and 1 of the Classic Cotton.  I thought “why be greedy?” At least leave SOMETHING for other people.  😉

Speaking of patterns… I was checking out my blog stats today, and I came across this post, linking to Caitlin’s V-Stitch Scarf (the pattern page).  Okay, first?  I have to admit, I let out a little squee when I realized she was using MY pattern.  😀  But just look at that handspun yarn!  It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!  That is going to be one beautiful scarf when it’s finished!


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    […] So me, being the crafty person I am, decided to make myself one.  It took me a while to find a pattern that would work the way I wanted it to (and ended up with one frogged attempt), but I finally stumbled on the perfect pattern for the Classic Cotton that I picked up from that charity shop a couple weeks back. […]

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