Since it’s Halloween, may I introduce Franken-Lexi? ;)

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

Franken-Lexi wearing her Franken-hat and Franken-choker.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the hair.

The top of the Franken-hat, showing the "hair".

What with the onslaught of winter (yes, I said “WINTER”; we had SNOW yesterday) and the sudden upsurge in spending on the gas (in the summer I can get by on £5 a MONTH; winter?  it’s around £150 a month), it turned out that I couldn’t afford to buy the kids the costumes they wanted for Halloween.  As you can imagine, they got quite upset, until I brought up the option of making a costume out of things they already had.

(Honestly, if I’d thought about it ahead of time, I could have easily crocheted them entire costumes.  It would have taken a good chunk of my time, but it wouldn’t have been hard.  Unfortunately, I simply didn’t think of it until the last minute.)

Lexi said that she wanted to be Frankenstein.  She didn’t really have the clothes for it, but what with it being so cold, anything she wore was going to be covered up by a coat anyway – and she happens to have a GREEEN coat!

So I offered to crochet her a choker and hat so that she looked like she had the bolts on the side of her neck and short, dark hair like Frankenstein is usually pictured with.

As you can see, she was quite happy with what she ended up with.  🙂

She’s already said that she wants to save them and use them next year.  If she’s seriously wanting to use it again, I think I might make her an entire “Frankenstein” costume – but a size or 2 bigger, so that she can layer clothes underneath it.

But hey – not TOO bad for a last-minute idea!

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  1. 1

    Sissy said,

    WOW! Lex got BIG! I don’t even recognize her anymore!!

  2. 2

    nuckingfutz said,

    Haha, SHE’D beg to differ with you there!

    Apparently a lot of the other kids at school tease her because she’s so SMALL. Sure, she’s a lot bigger than she was when she was TWO, but she’s still one of the smallest in her class.

    The ironic thing is, she’s one of the OLDEST in her class, too.

    I keep telling her she might be like her dad and have an insane growth spurt when she hits her teens. Considering how much she’s like him now, it wouldn’t surprise me any.

  3. 3

    Sissy said,

    Remind her that short people have the advantage sometimes… like being that much closer to places that HURT when a girl KICKS a guy! And shorter people don’t have to worry about ducking to get through some doors! I still remember when we had that counter that stuck out into the middle of the kitchen… I used to be able to hide under it standing straight up – til I got a hair taller and standing straight up meant that I banged my head against the edge of the counter!

  4. 4

    nuckingfutz said,

    LOL Good points!

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