One-Skein Projects: Caitlin’s V-stitch Scarf

A while back (last year?  year before?  something like that), I made Caitlin (my now-11-year-old) a hat and skinny scarf set in v-stitches.  She had specifically requested it because she liked the way the v-stitch looked.

I think she’d forgotten all about it, because she “discovered” it again while going through the hat/scarf/glove box that I have in the laundry room at the moment.  She really wanted to wear it, but the scarf is so thin that it doesn’t do much to keep her warm (and that was kind of the whole point!).  I remembered making the set, and remembered that it only took me a day or two to make the whole thing, so I offered to make her a new scarf using the same stitch, but wider so that it covered more of her neck.  She picked out the yarn on Friday, I started it yesterday, and finished it today!

Caitlins V-Stitch Scarf

Caitlin's V-Stitch Scarf

Because I want this to actually keep her WARM, I alternated rows of v-stitch with rows of hdc.  Doubled up, the way she normally wears her scarves, it should keep her neck nice and toasty.

This pic shows the color better - its a really light but bright pink.

This pic shows the color better - it's a really light but bright pink.

It took one 100g skein of dk yarn to make this – she didn’t want any edging or fringe, so I basically just kept going until I ran out of yarn.

.... aaand a close-up!

.... aaand a close-up!

Pattern to follow (I’m too damned tired to do it now!).  🙂


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  1. 1

    Sissy said,

    Oh… I like that pattern! Very pretty, and with as pretty as it is, it don’t need any edging or any of that stuff! Maybe for extra warmth, you can stitch a backing or something like that onto it? I have seen some blankets where it is like a thin layer of silk or fleece with the crochet stuff on top, and sewn together.

  2. 2

    nuckingfutz said,

    Yeah, a lot of people do that with graph-ghans. (Clicky-clicky for an example.) Doing those usually leaves you with what a lot of people call “yarn barf” and it’s not exactly pretty. Although, as you can see from that example, there are some downright AWESOME graph-ghans out there.

  3. 3

    Sissy said,

    Graph-ghans… yarn barf??? he he he… just imagining “yarn barf” is funny.

  4. 4

    nuckingfutz said,

    Here ya go! An example of yarn barf: click here.

    On a BEARS graph-ghan, no less!!!

  5. 5

    Sissy said,

    Yea… def looked like the logo barffed! Is it SUPPOSED to look like that? Can’t they just trim it off?

  6. 6

    nuckingfutz said,

    No, if you just trim it off as-is, your work would unravel like a mo-fo. With something like that, there are really two choices you could make: either you weave in EVERY SINGLE END individually, or you add a backing.

    And for ghans like that, fleece is a great choice. It just “goes,” ya know? 🙂

  7. 7

    nuckingfutz said,

    Oh, get this, Sis: I put the pattern in the Ravelry database – which means that anybody on Ravelry searching for a scarf pattern will get this is one of the results.

    And already 13 people have queued it! (Meaning they’ve put it on their list of “want-to-makes”.)

    So I guess you’re not the only one that likes it! 😀

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