Super Quick Projects: The Nubbly, Ruffly Scarf

As one could imagine, working diligently on Christmas presents CAN get a person a little burnt out.  After all, you’re expending all this energy on other people, and none for yourself.

So I decided I had to make myself something.  Something small, something quick – but something for me.

The yarn in its orginal form.

The yarn in its orginal form.

I picked up this yarn a couple of weeks ago out of the clearance bin in the yarn stall at one of the markets in town.  It was packaged in sets of two for 99p each.  I picked up 2 sets of this stuff and another set of a different yarn in similar colors (more blue/grey than blue/green though).  I just loved the colors.  I didn’t have anything specific planned for it when I bought it, it was the colors that grabbed me.

So when I decided that I needed to do something for myself, I started looking at what I already had in my bedroom stash.  (I have a small stash – mostly for these Christmas presents – in a tote in my bedroom.  But the bulk of my stash is in my cupboard on the first landing of the staircase.)  This stuff immediately grabbed my eye.

Originally, I tried doing a simple sc scarf out of it, but after finishing the first ball, I knew that it would be WAY too short.  So I frogged it and thought for a bit.

What could I make out of 4 balls of this yarn?  What would maximise what I’ve got without looking absolutely ridiculous?

A ruffle scarf!

If you’ve done one of these things, you really don’t need a pattern.  They’re so easy it’s almost ridiculous.  Basically, you chain your desired length, stitch across (it really doesn’t matter which stitch you use, that’s all up to you) for the first row, and turn.  Every subsequent row, you increase every other stitch.  I did it all in sc (mainly because the yarn is a bulky weight yarn and I was using a honking-big ‘L’ hook [8.0 mm]).  So it was *sc in one st, 2 sc in next st* all the way to the end.  And you just keep doing that for every row until it’s as wide (or as thin) as you want it.

I managed to get 4 rows with a really small amount of yarn left.

The Nubbly, Ruffly Scarf

The Nubbly, Ruffly Scarf

And this is what the finished product looks like!  🙂

I love it.  I’ve been wearing it every day this week.  And I’ve needed it!  It’s been friggin’ COLD here!


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