Why I’ve not been posting.

A close-up of mystery item #1

A close-up of mystery item #1

I’ve been busy DOING, instead of TALKING about doing!  😉

The above is another item crossed off my Christmas To-Do list.  It’s pretty much done – it just needs minor last-minute fiddling with (the kind of last-minute fiddling that always needs to be done – weaving in ends and whatnot).

Then I did this – just a teaser pic, like I’ve been doing with most of these things.

I REALLY want a new camera.  I don’t know if I’m just getting spoiled seeing photos from better cameras or if it’s really getting crappy or WHAT… but I can NEVER get the kind of pic I want the first time around.  And sometimes I can’t get it at ALL.

Then there was this little beauty.  It was a little tedious working on it – it’s all single crochet.  But the finished product is SO worth it!  The texture on this thing is amazing.

As soon as I finished it, inspiration hit.  I decided I was going to make something for my MIL this year (first time ever!), but I couldn’t decide what.   While gazing at my stash for a minute, this lovely rose-colored marled yarn I’d just bought a couple of days before started screaming at me: “Hat & Scarf set!!  For Jackie!!”  (no, sis, not you, if you remember, my MIL’s name is Jackie too.  AND she’s got the same birthday as you!)  So I’m designing my own.  I’ll be writing up the pattern and offering it here (for free) as soon as I’m finished.  Definitely within the next week, I’d say.  I’ve already got the hat done, I’m just working up the scarf now.

So… that’s why I’ve been so quiet.  My fingers have been busy!


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  1. 1

    Sissy said,

    Hey, I am just waiting with bated breath… the kids still LOVE their baby blankets you made for them, and they still ask about their scarfs (not that they really need them here in GA, but they can use them whenever we get a chance to go visit IL). Hope you didn’t forget about my blanket request when you have a chance… and careful, my worse half might have a request of his own here soon! He likes the blankets you made for the kids, too!

  2. 2

    Sissy said,

    OMG, and I do keep forgetting… bleck… I turn 28 in less than a month!

  3. 3

    nuckingfutz said,

    Oh, I haven’t forgotten. Don’t tell the kids, but they’ll be getting their scarves as their Christmas presents. If I CAN, I wanted to do something else for them AS WELL, but I can’t promise anything.

    And your blanket is safely in a bag in my yarn cupboard. I was actually thinking to myself the other day that it should be one of the first things I get to once I get done with all of this Christmas stuff.

    If I haven’t burned myself out, that is! 😉

    (And shut up. I turn THIRTY THREE in a little over 2 months.)

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