Green & Cream V-Neck Pullover

This is a project that’s been sitting around this house for months.

I started it back in January (I think???), with the intention of writing down everything as I went along, and publishing the pattern once I was finished.

Well, I got it about half done before it found its way to the UFO list.  A combination of boredom, depression, and the realization that by the time I got it finished, it would be too warm to wear it anyway forced me to put it away.  So far away that I all but forgot about the damned thing!

While cleaning and organizing in preparation for starting Christmas presents, I found it again.  I contemplated frogging it to use the yarn for something else – so much so that I asked for opinions on Ravelry and my personal blog (where I don’t have many crafty friends, but I do have friends giving honest opinions on what looks good on me and what doesn’t!), and the consensus was that it looked good so far, so why not finish it?

I don’t know why I thought it would take so long to finish.  It only took two days to do the bottom half of the bodice.  Although I will admit that the stitch pattern I used for the bottom (closed shell stitch) may have something to do with that – it seemed to go REALLY quickly.

It did take me another day to finish weaving in all the ends and sewing it together, but from what I can see, NOBODY likes that part!  😉

Unfortunately the kids have walked off with the notebook that had all my notes as to what I was doing with this, so there’s no pattern.  😦

But that just means that I have a TRULY one-of-a-kind-original sweater.  😀

I wore it out yesterday (hence the pics), and it got loads of compliments.  Even Hubby – who remarked that the Almost-A-Beatrice Shrug looked like I was “wearing a blanket” – said that it looked store-bought.  I’d say that’s QUITE a compliment!

Oh, and I’ll be replacing the tie as soon as I get the supplies.  What I really want is a nice ivory/cream ribbon, and I’m thinking possibly beads as well.  It all depends on what strikes my fancy when I get to the market and see what they’ve got at the sewing and craft stalls.


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