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Green & Cream V-Neck Pullover

This is a project that’s been sitting around this house for months.

I started it back in January (I think???), with the intention of writing down everything as I went along, and publishing the pattern once I was finished.

Well, I got it about half done before it found its way to the UFO list.  A combination of boredom, depression, and the realization that by the time I got it finished, it would be too warm to wear it anyway forced me to put it away.  So far away that I all but forgot about the damned thing!

While cleaning and organizing in preparation for starting Christmas presents, I found it again.  I contemplated frogging it to use the yarn for something else – so much so that I asked for opinions on Ravelry and my personal blog (where I don’t have many crafty friends, but I do have friends giving honest opinions on what looks good on me and what doesn’t!), and the consensus was that it looked good so far, so why not finish it?

I don’t know why I thought it would take so long to finish.  It only took two days to do the bottom half of the bodice.  Although I will admit that the stitch pattern I used for the bottom (closed shell stitch) may have something to do with that – it seemed to go REALLY quickly.

It did take me another day to finish weaving in all the ends and sewing it together, but from what I can see, NOBODY likes that part!  😉

Unfortunately the kids have walked off with the notebook that had all my notes as to what I was doing with this, so there’s no pattern.  😦

But that just means that I have a TRULY one-of-a-kind-original sweater.  😀

I wore it out yesterday (hence the pics), and it got loads of compliments.  Even Hubby – who remarked that the Almost-A-Beatrice Shrug looked like I was “wearing a blanket” – said that it looked store-bought.  I’d say that’s QUITE a compliment!

Oh, and I’ll be replacing the tie as soon as I get the supplies.  What I really want is a nice ivory/cream ribbon, and I’m thinking possibly beads as well.  It all depends on what strikes my fancy when I get to the market and see what they’ve got at the sewing and craft stalls.


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Second Christmas present finished!

Two down…. a million to go!  😉

I love this stitch pattern!

I love this stitch pattern!

And that is the only picture I’m posting of this one, at least until it’s made its way to the recipient.

I absolutely loved making this, though.  It’s definitely easier than it looks.  After I got to row 2, it was the exact same stitch pattern every row.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

Now… whose present do I start on NEXT?  Decisions, decisions…..

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Curly Fringe Tutorial – with pics!

There has been some questions along the lines of “how did you DO that??” and since I’m not entirely sure if my explanations are clear enough, I decided to create a pictorial tutorial on it.

There may very well be other tutorials like this out there; I honestly don’t know.  This is something I discovered by accident, but I’d be highly surprised if I was the first to do so.

Curly Fringe

(Please note: all tutorial pics are clickable for a better view.)

First, you need a project.  A scarf, an afghan… something to put the fringe ON.

Then, you need to start your border by sc’ing around (if you want a thicker border, do a few rows of whatever stitch you want, just make sure you do a sc row at the very end.

When you get to the side of the work that you want fringe on, decide where you want your first piece of fringe to go.

Single crochet in that stitch, and chain the desired number (however long you want your fringe to be).  In my swatch example here, I chained 10

ch 1 (this is your turning chain) and sc your way back up towards your work.  The fringe will begin to curl on its own – this is OKAY!  This is what we WANT!

Once you’ve sc’d in every chain made, attach the fringe by doing another sc in the next st on the main body of the work.

Do as many sc between fringe pieces as you want.  If you want denser fringe, do less sc between.  If you want it more sparse and airy, do more.  There is no hard-and-fast rule; just do whatever floats your boat.

Once you’re done, you’ll have something that roughly looks like this.  Leave it be if you only want the fringe to curl a little bit.  Butif you want the curls to be tighter, just take the piece of fringe between your fingers and twist it into the curl.  The more you twist, the tighter your curls will become.

Just for the hell of it, I did one of these fringes using a slip stitch instead of single crochet.  I wasn’t sure if it would curl or not, and the best way of finding out was to give it a try myself.  As you can see, it makes it quite flat.  Not the best thing when you want curly fringe, but a definite alternative to raggedy ends of yarn fringe!

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A good start!

I have one item crossed off my Christmas-to-do list.  🙂

I don’t want to give too much away – it’s for someone who might see this blog, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  I can, however, give you teaser pics.

What am I?

What am I?

Any ideas yet?

Any ideas yet?

This took nearly 2 weeks to finish, but I wasn’t working on this one exclusively.  I’ve also been working on Robert’s CARdigan, some wristwarmers, squares for an afghan, and a pullover for me, which I also happen to be designing.

I’ve decided that for now on, at least until Christmas, I have to work on 2 projects a day.  That’s so I don’t get TOO bored, I don’t have things just sitting there with no progress, and so I don’t get too distracted.  I have to do 2 and ONLY 2.  Any more than that, and I get too distracted.  Any less than that, and WIPs are going to turn into UFOs.

I’m thinking this’ll be a good way to make sure that what I want to do for Christmas actually gets DONE, but also that I’ll be able to get the stuff I want to do for me done.  It’ll take a little longer than if I concentrated on those alone, but it’ll get done, regardless.

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Robert’s CARdigan

The front - still needs buttons, though.

The front - still needs buttons, though.

The back.

The back.

Get it?  CAR-digan???  (I crack myself up sometimes, I tell ya.)  😉

This is for my “niece’s” (she’s designated me honorary auntie, so I guess that makes her my honorary niece, doesn’t it?) 3-year old son, Robert.

She actually asked me for this a while ago.  But it was still pretty warm then, so I didn’t think it was something that needed to be done right away.

But it’s started getting cold here already.  Hell, I’m sitting here in a long-sleeved tee with a sweater poncho (hard to explain, but it’s a sweater that’s made to LOOK like a poncho) and jeans, and I’m still chilly.

So I figured it was a good time to get it done.  Besides, I’ve got a huge list of things that I would like to get done as Christmas presents, so I figured I’d better get this done and out of the way.

It only took me 3 days to do – I started it on Tuesday and finished it today.  Actually, I probably could have gotten it finished yesterday, but yesterday was a bad day, so I didn’t get as much work done on it as I would have liked.

I didn’t use a pattern for this – it’s all off the top of my head.  I’m considering writing it up as a free pattern, but haven’t decided yet.  If you’d like to see a free pattern for this, leave me a comment.  I’ll be happy to do it if there’s any interest in it!

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Sometimes creativity gets out of hand.

I really need to start prioritizing things.  But I just get so excited when a new idea comes to me that I can’t NOT start it.  I literally get itchy fingers, and it just builds until I give in and start it.

Right now, I’ve got 8 WiPs going.

  1. Mrs. Who Shrug in brown (okay, it’s more like a cardigan, but it’s CALLED a shrug)
  2. Mrs. Who Shrug in purple (knitting the sleeve portion for that one)
  3. A top-down raglan cardigan in grey (no pattern for this one; I’m just making it up as I go along)
  4. Red fingerless gloves (for me)
  5. Brown fingerless gloves (for Lexi)
  6. A surprise something that I would rather not say; it’s for someone’s Christmas present.  That someone just might see this (I have given that person the URL here, I just don’t know if they’ve actually looked or not – they’ve never left a comment, so I have no idea).
  7. I’m periodically doing squares for an afghan to put on our bed.  I don’t have a time limit in mind for this, I’m basically using it as a “need a change of pace” project.
  8. And I just started a new sweater for me today, inspired by one I saw while out shopping on Friday.  (I almost bought it, until I realized that it would be pretty easy to crochet one myself, not to mention that it would be a lot warmer than the one I saw in the store.)

And that’s not even mentioning the UFOs I have sitting in the yarn cupboard that I haven’t looked at since I organized the darned thing last year.

And on top of all that, I just found out that my “cousin” (not really my cousin; her dad was my uncle’s best friend, and I’ve always called him “uncle,” so she became “cousin” by default) was in a really bad accident a while ago – she’s now a quadriplegic.  I want to make something to send to her but I don’t know what yet.

Sometimes creativity is a good thing.  Sometimes… not so much.

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September 12, 2008: International Crochet Day

The title’s pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it?  🙂  September 12 is International Crochet Day, a day when crocheters everywhere are urged to do something crochet-related in public.  You know, so we can hook (ha!  I kill me!) others into it.

Some suggestions that have come up are:

  • Crochet in public
  • Teach someone to crochet
  • promote International Crochet Day in your blog
  • Wear something crocheted – and make sure everybody knows it!

Also, a couple of people have decided to do giveaways in honor of ICD. 

Jimbo (not a crocheter, just an enabler) is giving away a hand-made wooden hook.  (I won one of his hooks in a contest a couple of years ago, and I can attest to his hook-making skills.  The man is a genius, and his hooks are a crocheter’s dream.)

The Cosmic Crocheter is also giving a hook away.

And Stitchlily is doing a crocheted-item giveaway.  According to her blog, she hasn’t decided WHAT yet, so I’ll update this post when I find out what it is.

Personally, I love that there is an International Crochet Day.  Too many times I’ve been seen crocheting, and I’ll be asked “what are you knitting?”  Not to knock knitting or knitters (because they can do some awesome work!), but I hate the fact that every time somebody sees me with yarn, it’s assumed that I’m knitting.  I can’t tell you how sick of that I am.

Crocheters of the world unite!  And if somebody asks you what you’re knitting on ICD, just poke ’em in the eye with your hook!

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