Finally, an FO! Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

Purple Metallic Draw-string Wristlet Purse

This is probably the first FO I’ve had in about 2 years now.  I’ve worked on stuff, but never finished anything.  The fact that it was a small project probably had a lot to do with that, though.  😉

I decided to make this for 2 reasons: one, my “clubbing bag” – a lovely bejeweled evening bag that I always use when I go out clubbing – was missing.  One of the kids walked off with it and I couldn’t find it.  All of my other bags were just too big for me to mess with when I’m out drinking and dancing.  And two, I had this yarn in my yarn cupboard, and had wanted to make something out of it for years.

I bought the yarn from Wilkinson’s, of all places.  They actually do have some nice novelty yarn, for only 99p a skein.  This particular type of yarn comes in 3 colors: this purple, a brown, and a green.  I’ve had some in my stash (in the purple and brown) for the longest time.  I’m currently working on a shrug-a-licious using the brown stuff, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet (and I’ve put it on hold to concentrate on my Ravelympics project).

Using a 3.0 mm hook (bought out here, at E. Kemps eons ago), it’s just worked in the round from the middle of the bottom of the purse to the top.

I bought some lovely lavender poly/cotton blend fabric and used that to line it.  I took the easy (lazy?) way out and just cut the fabric in a tube shape and gathered the bottom together, sewing the top to the inside top of the purse.

I also got some matching ribbon and threaded that through the stitches to make the drawstring.  I happened to find some lovely silver beads that just fit the ribbon, and added those.  I thought it made a nice touch.

the lining

the lining

the beads and ribbon

the beads and ribbon

You can see more in-progress pictures in my flickr crochet set.  This has actually been finished for a few weeks now, I’ve just only now gotten around to taking pictures of the finished product.  🙂


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